MathDATA for secure file sharing

MathDATA is a secure, web-based application that streamlines file sharing, effecient communications and cost-reduction for everyone from large corporations to small businesses, and single employee organizations.

MathDATA transforms how you handle data. With MathDATA, your team can share files, create notes, post notifications and upload content from any location, night or day, and without limits on device. Meaning, secure, safe and direct collaboration for your organization's needs.

You can do more than upload and download data and files. Use MathDATA for offsite backup and archiving. Accept upload files and shared content from external users and can send you feedback and even further information within the application itself.

What features will impact your needs?

  • Easy-to-use interface and design
  • Secure data and document collaboration
  • Your fully branded solution
  • Added file security with full activity logging
  • Cost effective technology management

MathDATA is designed for groups and organizations of any size (or individuals) that need to secure data and reliably share files. The industries that find MathDATA are endless.

How could your industry use MathDATA?

  • Engineers quickly share and view their 3dxml, JT, DWF, VRML, and 3D data files. Accountability is solidified with correct and full activity tracking and reporting.
  • Publishers can collaborate across many departments in order to create content in their needed forms. All content is secure and with scalable file sharing size, your needs are met.
  • Designers can create content, get feedback from customers, collaborate in teams and finalize their designs. On completion, finished design files can be uploaded and shared with those clients.
  • Law Firms will find their contracts and files are held secure for sharing and building. Share case information, and other data across multiple offices using our intuitive interface.

Special features


Why choose MathDATA for your business?

Send & Receive Large Files
Send and receive large files with ease. Huge data and troublesome email attachments are a thing of the past.

Engineering Heaven
Whether you are collaborating on a service contract or, sending out a 3D file to your doesn't get any more simple.

View multiple file types
Supports hundreds of file types. These include Raw data, 2D/3D files, Adobe, UGS and Dassault Systemes.

Nothing to install
No setup. No configurations. No apps to install. Nothing to sync nor uninstall.

Easy Controlled Access
File access rights are assigned in seconds. This is perfect for RFQ's and 3D Design files; click, select and confirm.

Automatic Email Notifications
Email notifications are automated for convenience. All access, data sharing and inbound files generate emails automatically.

Complete Activity Tracking
MathDATA users can stay fully isolated from one another. Users cannot view other users, and extensive logs show whom is doing what.

Built-in Messaging
Discuss data and file needs with staff and external users with our email service. Collaboration with file access is key with MathDATA.

Private Branded w/ your Logo
Your MathDATA site can prominently and clearly display your brand for all users of the account.

Learn more about MathDATA & secure file sharing

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per month
  • Up to 10 Users
  • 5 GB of Storage
  • SSL Protection
  • Brandable Site
  • MathDATA Suite




per month
  • Up to 65 Users
  • 30 GB of Storage
  • SSL Protection
  • Brandable Site
  • MathDATA Suite




per month
  • 125 GB of Storage
  • SSL Protection
  • Brandable Site
  • MathDATA Suite

Data Reliability: Secure File Sharing and Simplicity

The MathDATA service provides a secure infrastructure necessary for users to feel confident about placing sensitive information and data online for collaboration among employees, suppliers, customers and partners.

Physical Security

The MathDATA data center has a high level of security, guarded by 24/7/365 digital surveillance. Closed circuit cameras throughout the data center monitor both the exterior and interior facilities night and day. Keycard locks on all the paths block sensitive areas, and biometric palm scans restrict the access. Unauthorized personnel? Not an issue!

Environmental conditions are kept minimized through sophisticated power-conditioning systems, redundant airconditioning units, UPS battery backup, diesel generators and gas based fire-suppression systems. Our servers are housed in locking cabinets within locked, raised cages.

User Authentication

All users must log into MathDATA accounts with a secure username and password combination. At a server level, all passwords are stored in an undecryptable format (SHA2). Users cannot see other users, and are hidden to listings and some actions. Also, users see only that content which you specifically grant access.

Secure Communication

Full 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is employed with all communication while in your MathDATA account. SSL protects passwords & all files and data during transmission across the Internet by never transmitting data in "clear" text.

Technical Security Features of MathDATA

MathDATA Security Our System Security

Informative articles on SSL from GeoTRUST and Wikipedia

 Transport Security
 SSL White Paper