About MathDATA

What MathDATA is

MathDATA is a secure file sharing application for businesses and organizations in multiple industries. MathDATA has existed since 1997; over 18 years!

MathDATA transforms how you and your orgnanization shares, stores and views data. With MathDATA, your team can share files, create file notes, post notifications and upload data from any location, night or day, and without limits on device.

Meaning, with MathDATA, you have secure, safe and direct collaboration for your needs.

What can you expect on your MathDATA account?

MathDATA provides superior security and tracking for your data collaboration needs. Are you ready to get started with MathDATA?

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MathDATA for secure file sharing for engineers, universities and more.

  • Easy-to-use interface and design
  • Secure data and document collaboration
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  • Added file security with full activity logging
  • Cost effective technology management