Online business file sharing is now a growing reality

Online file sharing, whether cloud file sharing or private file sharing solutions, is a growing need for businesses, organizations and enterprise.


There has been an evolution of the online file sharing marketing. Businesses have slowly found that “cloud only” approaches might now be the best for them. Your organization, in turn, might be in a growing group that demands the security of a private server, with the scalibility of cloud computing.

But how do you get there? What features should be focused on for private server use? Which make sense in the cloud?

Benefits of cloud-based file sharing

There are many advantages in using a cloud file sharing solutions for your business.

  • Easy access to information
  • Low infrastructure maintenance
  • Improved flexibility

With these items stated, there are still issues with cloud computing and cloud file sharing.

Specifically, the public cloud model leaves many businesses at the mercy of cloud providers and how they handle data protection and security.

Cloud file sharing alternatives

With limited control over company data and potential risks with open and public cloud computing offering, companies are considering alternatives to the traditional cloud file sharing approach. These business are seeing a lot of action from all sectors and sizes; small business, corporations and even enterprise-level solutions.

In a file sharing survey conducted by EGS, 97% of purchasers and decision makers for organizations were interested in a solutions that allowed for data storage on-site. 60% of surveyees stated that they had a requirement of local storage due to regulations, compliance and security needs.

In fact, 90% of employees surveyed stated that were not comfortable putting the following data in the cloud:

  • Company confidential data
  • Financial data
  • Regulated data
  • Employee PII (personal identifiable information)
  • Customer/Client PII
  • Intellectual Property (IP)

Why a solution like MathDATA makes sense

While MathDATA works on many devices, and just about 99.95% of the operating systems and browsers in the world, we circumvent the issues of BYOD. Security is our main concerns, and simplicity is a very close second. Familiarity, specifically in security needs, helps us give you a secure business file sharing solutions that can rival “the big boys”.

You can start today with MathDATA by starting a free account. During your trial, you experience secure file sharing for your organization. Is it a limited account? No. Is there any obligation? Nope!

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