Replace FTP and Email as Collaboration Tools

Your organization collaborates securely using MathDATA, without FTP and Email

Email Replacement and FTP Replacement for file sharing needs in your organization

MathDATA is your solution to problems with file sharing via email and/or FTP. While FTP and Email have been staples in data sharing and collaboration, MathDATA file sharing features helps to overcome the problems faced by using these for sensitive operations.

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What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a method of transferring data files from one device to another, over any network, specifically the internet. FTP is one of the first programs for accessing data on the internet. It was developed in 1971 as part of the U.S. Department of Defense’s ARPANET protocols; FTP predates both the TCP and Internet Protocol (IP).

Why Replace FTP?

FTP has a major issue when it comes to keeping track of how data is handled. Even with the two secure forms of FTP, (FTPs and SFTP), your data is still never accurately tracked, recorded and able to be presented in a correct fashion. Sometimes, the issues with traditional FTP, as well as FTP(s) and SFTP, go beyond even that...

Avoid security issues with FTP by using MathDATA

Security Issues

There are a number of risks associated with relying on a native FTP solution. Exchanging data without the correct and sometimes regulated security features could lead many businesses to face massive fines in the event of a breach.

Avoid notifications issues with FTP by using MathDATA

Bad Notifications

When you send files via FTP, the sender has ZERO way to verify whether the recipient received, much less downloaded or viewed, the file. If any error occurs, then you, as the sender, will not be notified.

Avoid tracking issues with FTP by using MathDATA

Bad User Tracking

Since FTP doesn’t maintain an audit trail of any of your system actions, (who downloaded or shared files), your organization doesn't have detailed proof of user actions. Basically, you don't know who did what to which files.

Avoid user interface issues with FTP by using MathDATA

Not User-Friendly

Managing FTP and users on these systems is far from user-friendly. To even start sending data between users, an IT staffer must create and authenticate a new user account. From here, you also need to use email or some other notification OUTSIDE of the FTP process itself - it can be a mess!

Email For File Sharing & Collaboration

Email has been the traditional method of communicating and collaborating for businesses and organizations. The internet not only provides a fast method of collaborating ideas, but a "decent" solution for tracking conversations.

Where does email collaboration go bad?

Email is not only unsafe, but it is not secure. As well, data can be spread between many people, in many messages. Changing versions of data, tracking those changes and then sharing with everyone who needs the data is a massive headache for any size organization.

MathDATA removes the need for email, giving security, compliance and tracking features not available in most solutions

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