Secure File Sharing In An Insecure World

How can MathDATA serve your engineering, manufacturing and design data collaboration needs?

MathDATA takes a very "security-first" look at how your data is handled, and how you use that data. MathDATA offers many secure file sharing benefits and security settings to allow for your business rules and security rules to match your MathDATA account.

How can MathDATA help your organization's security?

  • Custom security settings
  • SSL/TSL security from login
  • Multiple email security options
  • Define password rules and policy
MathDATA rules can match your business policy rules and regulations

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MathDATA offer secure file sharing and data collaboration

Secure File Sharing & Data Collaboration

Organizations and business need a secure method to transfer and store sensitive data. Without content changing hands, most business never gets done.

With MathDATA, this exchange isn't slowed because of better security, it is sped up.

Now, your organization can say "good-bye" to the old styles of file sharing and data collaboration.

MathDATA is a REAL FTP replacement and email replacement for data collaboration

No more email, no more FTP

Now, there is no more file sharing via email. Email can be insecure, unkept and provide a platform without an ability for quality reporting and auditting.

The same can be said about FTP. Even SFTP is still a solution that creates problems when you need to have clear and concise reporting, activity tracking and audits completed.

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